Abdominal Or pelvic pain

Abdominal or Pelvic pain can be an acute issue or something that is more constant and persistent. While there are several causes for this type of pain, some are obvious and some elusive. Typically when the pain is acute, it is caused by a mass in the pelvis (such as a cyst), an infection, a traumatic or a muscle strain. Sometimes there is not an obvious reason as to why the pain is present, but if it lingers for more than 3 months and begins taking a toll on one’s quality of life, the acute problem becomes a chronic one.

Chronic abdominal or pelvic pain is a frustrating, yet very common medical problem; especially for women. When there is chronic pain, there may not be a solid diagnosis as one may not be able to be found. In fact, the majority of cases never have an obvious reason for the pain to continue. The chronic pain may be in a specific localized area or it can cause various areas of the abdomen to become painful. The problem is that many times, the chronic pain may be coming from a past acute issue that has already resolved itself and this is why the reason for the pain if not obvious and cannot be pinpointed. Many people experience this type of pain and there are various treatments that can help ease it and put things in perspective.