Adrenal masses, lesions and cysts

Adrenal masses, lesions and cysts are masses found on the adrenal glands that are usually found accidentally when imaging studies are being done for an entirely different reason. These masses can either be harmless (benign) or dangerous (cancerous). The main thing to do once a mass is identified is to make a proper diagnosis of which type it is. This can be done trough imaging tests such as ultrasounds, CT Scans and MRI’s.

By carefully assessing the imaging results, a medical professional can tell whether or not there is cause for concern. If it is deemed to be a benign mass, no further action will be required. The patient may be asked to come in at various times to monitor the mass for any changes, but other than that, there is no reason for the mass to be removed. However, if the imaging results are suspect, the doctor may wish to do further testing through imaging. A trained eye can determine if there is a chance that the mass may be cancerous and if so, treatment is needed.

Treatment for Adrenal Masses

Treatment for a (possibly) cancerous mass on the adrenal gland generally involved surgical removal of the mass. Thanks to modern technology, this is a relatively non-invasive procedure that is done by laparoscopic means. This allows for the mass to be removed with minimal pain and shorter healing and recovery time.