Endometrial Biopsy

At times it is the recommendation from the gynecologist to undergo an endometrial biopsy if abnormal or heavy bleeding, post-menopausal bleeding, or an abnormal pap smear are present.  A suction device is used to perform endometrial sampling.  This device consists of a plunger within a sheath. This is a very thin instrument only 3mm in diameter and appears to be a long thin "straw".  When the sheath is inserted into the uterus, the plunger is retracted, creating negative pressure that draws tissue into the sampling device.  This tissue is then sent to the pathology laboratory for diagnosis.  The total time for this procedure is less than 20 seconds.  Although some patients experience no pain at all, others will complain of intense menstrual cramping.  It is recommended to take 600 mg of Motrin prior to the appointment time.  The cramping should resolve before the patient leaves the office.  There are no specific restrictions or instructions after having a endometrial biopsy.  Pathology from the sample will be available in about 7-10 days.