Female Pelvic Discomfort

There are many reasons for a woman to have pelvic discomfort or pain. The symptoms will differ depending on the diagnosis. Following are the most common causes of pelvis discomfort.


This is a condition where the uterine lining is found growing on other areas of the reproductive system or elsewhere in the abdomen or pelvis. The pain may be constant or it may come in episodes or spurts.' The pain tends to be worse during the days of menstruation and after/during sex.


Uterine fibroids are common growths which in most cases occur in or on the uterus. In the majority of cases These are not cancerous. Fibroids, or uterine myomas, occur in various sizes and can cause severe pelvic discomfort, heavy or irregular bleeding, or a mass which can be felt in the abdomenWhen present pain is worse during menstruation and during and after sex. The pain can also be felt in the lower back for some women.


This discomfort can actually turn into full blown pain. Often described as stinging or burning, it is generally located in the area of the vulva but can occur in different areas each time.

There are treatments for all types of pelvic discomfort and the treatment depends upon the cause. For example, those who have endometriosis may have to undergo surgery to remove.