Endometrial Ablation

An endometrial ablation is a treatment option for women who have abnormal uterine bleeding.  The goal of this procedure is to scar or destroy the lining of the uterus to terminate menstruation or decrease its incidence.  This type of surgery can only be done for women who have abnormal bleeding due to benign conditions (non-cancerous) and are not considering future pregnancy.  The evaluation of a patient for an ablation includes an ultrasound to measure the size of the uterus cavity as well as a biopsy of the lining of the uterus.  The endometrial biopsy (described above) is necessary to exclude any pre-cancerous lesions of the uterus.  After these steps are complete, the patient may meet with the physician, and the type of endometrial ablation which is most appropriate can be discussed.  The Woman's Group offers Novasure, Thermachoice and Hydrothermal ablations.  It is common to perform this procedure in conjunction with a hysteroscopy D&C.  This can be done in the office or, at times, as an outpatient at the hospital.  After the procedure it is normal to have a thin yellow, peach or bloody discharge that can last for weeks.  It also takes time for the healing/scarring to take place within the uterus.  It is normal that you may have bleeding or even a period after the procedure for up to 6 months.  You should call the office after the procedure if you have a temperature greater than 101, severe abdominal pain, or prolonged/ heavy bleeding.