Low Testosterone Levels/Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men in the United States alone suffer from low testosterone levels. Low testosterone contributes to thinning hair, bone deterioration, low levels of energy, mood swings and behavioral changes and erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man in not able to get an erection, or can get one but not keep it up long enough for sexual intercourse to occur. Though erectile dysfunction can be caused by diabetes and obesity, it most often occurs in men who have reached a mature age and have issues with lowered levels of testosterone. Though age is the largest contributing factor to low testosterone, it can also be caused by testicular injury and medication side effects. When one of the latter two causes are to blame, it can occur in men of any age group.

The process of getting an erection is jump started by testosterone. It prompts the blood to be released into the penis so an erection can be achieved. If a man has low levels of testosterone than this process is inhibited and can cause erectile dysfunction. There are treatments for this condition. Once a medical professional has given a patient a full examination, a treatment can be used to replace the missing hormones and in many cases, allow the patient to return to normal sexual activity.