In the area of Urology, microsurgery is used for several reasons, the most popular being procedures dealing with male infertility. Microsurgery is a technique used to perform a surgical procedure on area of the body that is small as opposed to using standard sized instruments that are larger and harder to effectively deal with.

When it comes to male infertility, microsurgery is a viable option for treating duct or tube blockages. Any obstruction can cause irritations and/or inflammation, making a difficult situation even more so. When microsurgery is used it allows the sperm to flow freely through the tubes and therefore cure the reason for the infertility. However, there are some instances in which when the blockage is removed the tubes tear. If this happens they may not be able to be reconstructed. If this is the case, the micro-surgical equipment can be used to harvest the sperm from the testicle. The samples can then be used to perform in vitro fertilization.

Though an excellent means of surgery, it is delicate and can take hours to perform. Even so, most patients are only put under a light dose of anesthesia and are able to return to normal activities rather quickly. Rarely does a microsurgery patient even have to spend the night in the hospital.