Contigen Injections

Contigen Injections Overview

Contigen is a collagen material that can be injected just under the urethral or bladder neck mucosa (inside lining) to treat incontinence or leakage of urine. Come people can have allergic reactions to this material, so a skin test is required in our office 30-days prior to treatment with Contigen.

To get the best results it may take multiple treatments, since some of this material is reabsorbed by the body over time. Even if the treatment is successful after the first injection (usually in females, it may be necessary to do it yearly to enjoy the maximum benefit of complete dryness).

Since the procedure may cause you to be obstructed immediately after, we require that a preliminary office visit be scheduled with the nurses to learn how to do self-catheterization. That way if you are unable to void a few hours after the procedure you can relieve yourself rather than come to the emergency room in significant pain.

Contigen Injections Procedure

The procedure is done through a rigid cystoscope in both the male and the female. This is done through a scope that is no larger than a catheter. Very little discomfort is associated with this procedure, except during the injection were you may feel some stinging sensations that resolve as soon as the injection stops.

An oral antibiotic is given after the procedure to prevent urinary infection. You will leave with a 12Fr. Red Robbin catheter just in case you have to catheterize yourself later in the day.