Overactive Bladder

Those with the condition of overactive bladder have sudden contractions of the muscles in the bladder that are involuntary. Overactive bladder gives the suffer a constant feeling of having to pass urine. The feeling has been described as unstoppable and once the patient has gotten to the toilet they may have very little urine to pass, even though it felt like their bladder was completely full.  This is also known as urge incontinence. This is a type of urinary incontinence and can occur at any age though it is more common with adults. 

Overactive bladder is usually caused by muscle spasms that make the patient feel as if they need to urinate right away. Those who have had an injury to the spinal cord, suffered a stroke, have multiple sclerosis or diabetic neuropathy are more likely to suffer from overactive bladder.

Treatment for overactive bladder includes behavioral therapy and pelvic muscle rehab. This condition can be gotten under control by using a schedule for toileting so that it becomes a habit to only go at certain times. Doing exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles can also help in getting overactive bladder under control. A medical professional will know what treatment(s) are right for each individual.

When a patient is sexually active it is also recommended that screening is done to check for sexually transmitted diseases, generally on a yearly basis unless there is reason to believe something is wrong. This is because anyone who is sexually active is at some type of risk of being affected by STD’s. Regular screening can help catch an illness early, making it easier to treat. It can also prevent the spreading of the disease without the patient’s knowledge. Proper management is the best way to prevent an outbreak of any one of the many sexually transmitted diseases.