Loop electrosurgical excision procedure, or LEEP, is used to treat pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix.  The patient is encouraged to take 600mg of Motrin prior to her appointment time.  Once a speculum is placed into the vagina to provided visibility into the cervix, a local anesthetic is injected.  There is usually little pain associated with this injection.  At this point, a wire loop attached to an electrosurgical generator is used to remove the abnormal tissue.  This typically takes less than 30 seconds.  A second portion of the procedure is then done when a wand, also connected to heat, is used to treat the remaining cervical tissue.  This process helps with bleeding along with treating any remaining HPV.  The patient will be provided with instructions as to post-procedure care, which includes pelvic rest for 6 weeks, including avoidance of intercourse, douching, swimming, tub baths or the use of tampons. It is normal to experience a discharge that may be mustard/brown/black in color, light vaginal bleeding, and/or light cramping.  The patient needs to call the office for fevers greater than 100.4, pain not relieved by Tylenol/Motrin, or heavy bleeding (using more than a pad/tampon per hour).  Pathology collected from the LEEP will typically be available in 7-10 days.  Once the results are reviewed by the physician, the timing for follow up pap smears will be determined.