Testicular Carcinoma

Testicular carcinoma, also known as testicular cancer, is a growth found inside the testicles that is abnormal. Typically, cancer only develops in one testicle; rarely does it affect both. Like with most forms of cancer, it is not clear what causes testicular carcinoma. There is no evidence that it is a genetic illness but there are certain factors that increase one’s chances of developing it.  For instance, someone who is born with cryptorchidism (when one testicle does not drop from the abdomen as it should by the time age one is reached) they are at a much higher risk for developing this cancer than those who did not experience this condition. Testicular atrophy is another risk factor. This is where the testicle fails to properly develop and grow to maturity. Being exposed to certain chemicals has also shown to play a role in the development of testicular cancer.

The main signs that cancer may be present include a lump in the testicle (small or large), noticeable testicle shrinkage and aches in the lower abdomen. Contacting a doctor if any of the above applies is highly important. Early detection gives patients greater hope for recovery. If cancer is present, there are several treatments that can be discussed with a medical professional.