Penile Curvature

Penile curvature is defined as a penis that has an abnormal curve to one side or the other when it becomes erect. One cause of penile curvature is Peyronie’s disease. This is the development of tissue that is scarred and fibrous under the penile skin. (When this presents in newborns it can be easily confused with hypospadias which can also give the penis a slight curve until it is repaired). What causes the fibrous tissue is unknown, another cause that can lead to this condition is a penile fracture that typically occurs during intercourse.

Peyronie’s disease if fairly uncommon and generally affects those who are between the ages of forty and sixty. It is more common that penile curvature comes from a fracture. Even with many studies being done, there have been no other connections or risk factors associated with penile curvature, although some studies have pointed towards it being a genetic anomaly.

One symptom of penile curvature is having tissue that hardens under the penile skin, spreading in a line along the shaft. When erection occurs, the bend of the penis hardens even more. Other symptoms may include penile narrowing, pain during erection, penile shortening and painful sexual intercourse.

Sometimes treatment is not necessary. When it is, the treatments include vitamin E, oral medication, steroid injections and shock wave lithotripsy. A trained professional will know what treatment is right for the patient and their symptoms.