Female urinary burning sensation

When a woman feels a burning sensation during urination, it generally signals the presence of a urinary tract infection.  The same feeling can occur with a kidney infection. Kidney stones can also cause burning during urination. This is due to the irritation caused by jagged stones moving down the tubular parts of the urinary system.  Kidney stones can also press against the bladder and this will also produce this painful sensation.

Aside from infections, there are certain medications that can cause inflammation of the bladder resulting in a burning sensation during urination. Ovarian cysts can also cause this feeling as they press against the bladder, causing similar irritation. Other causes of a burning sensation during urination include yeast infections, hygiene products and certain contraceptives. Even if one feels that the reason for painful urination is not something to be concerned with, it is important to be checked by a medical professional to confirm that it is not a sign of a more serious issue. People who have undiagnosed diabetes can have this symptom, as can people with HIV. IN most cases, however, the cause is quite simple and easily treated.