Surgical Interventions for Cystocele and Rectocele Repair

When a part of the bladder walls bulges, pushing into the vagina, a cystocele has occurred. This occurs due to a tissue defect between the vagina and the bladder. When a part of the rectum walls bulges into the vagina, you have a rectocele. This is due to a tissue defect between the vagina and the rectum. Both of these conditions happen because there is a problem dealing with the tissues that offer pelvic support, such as muscle, fascia and ligaments.

Both of these conditions can cause issues with leaking urine, painful sex and not being able to go to the bathroom comfortably. The way to rid a patient of this problem is a surgical procedure. There are other treatments that can be tried first, such as exercises and inserting a device into the vagina that works by pushing the rectum or bladder back where it should be. However, these only work for a small percentage of patients. In the end, surgery is the usual option for repair. With any surgical procedure comes risk. With the procedure to fix these conditions, the patient faces risk of infection, bleeding, and damage done accidentally to other organs that are nearby the problem area. Adverse reactions and negative consequences are rare though and the majority of patients have no problems to come of the surgery.