Painful Intercourse

For Women

There are several reasons that women experience painful intercourse. One of the most common causes is vaginal dryness. When this is the issue, lubrications can be of great help, in addition to increasing foreplay to create more natural lubrication. However, if dryness is not the problem, there are several other causes for painful intercourse.

Vaginal infections, such as Vaginitis and yeast infections, can cause intercourse to be painful. When an infection is present, it is best to abstain from sex until it is cleared up to prevent painful intercourse.

Vaginismus is a condition that causes the muscles in the vagina to spasm and this too can cause sex to be painful. Problems with reproductive organs can also result in painful intercourse. If the cervix has an infection, it can be aggravated by deep penal penetration. If there are fibroids on the uterus this causes pain as well.

Other causes of painful intercourse include ectopic pregnancy, menopause, ovarian cysts and certain sexually transmitted diseases. In some cases a personal lubricant may be the only treatment needed. In other cases prescriptions creams or medications may be in order. Most conditions that cause painful sex can be treated, but treatment will depend on the reason for the pain.

For Men

While painful intercourse is something many people think of as being solely a female problem, there are several reasons why men experience pain during intercourse.

Foreskin problems can be a cause of painful intercourse for men. When the foreskin it is overly tight (known as phimosis), or there is damage present from friction, inflammation or tearing, sex can be quite painful for a man. The only real treatment for this condition is surgical and should not be done until after puberty is reached or soon thereafter.

Penile deformity can also result in painful sexual intercourse. Scar tissues for old injuries or infections, masses growing on the penis or a condition known as hypospadias can cause pain during sex. Hypospadias is a birth defect in males that leaves an extra opening in the urinary tract and is not is the normal place on the penis. The more severe the case, the worse the pain can be. This type of abnormality can be fixed through surgery and should be done as soon after the age of 1 year as possible.

Other issues that could cause painful intercourse for men include allergies to vaginal fluids or certain contraception’s, hypersensitivity to ejaculation, urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Seeking medical attention when painful intercourse is present is the only way to get to the root of the problem and know how to treat it.