Pain in Scrotum / Testicles or Identification of Scrotal/Testicular Mass

There are several causes for testicular pain. Some are very serious, while others are not cause for so much worry. One of the most common reasons for testicular pain is trauma. A direct hit to the testicles will cause immense pain, but this type is temporary. Being in a fight or playing a contact sport is the most likely causes for such a trauma. This is typically not an emergency situation, but one must listen to and obey their body because it could turn into something serious depending upon the cause of the trauma. Usually though, there is just some brushing and/or swelling.

Another cause for testicular pain is epdidiymitis. This is inflammation of the testicles, usually due to infection. The type of infection that causes epdidiymitis is either from sexually transmitted diseases or from an enlarged prostate. Other causes for testicular pain are benign masses on or in the testicles, kidney stones or abdominal infections. Many men become very nervous when pain is felt in this area and fear the worst. However, pain is rarely associated with testicular cancer or tumors.

How testicular pain is treated depends solely on the reason it is present.