Reproductive Tract Obstruction

Reproductive tract obstruction is one of the many reasons for infertility in men. When there is an obstruction located in the reproductive tract, it keeps the sperm from traveling down the penis for ejaculation and therefore stopping pregnancy from occurring; or at the very least, making pregnancy more difficult to achieve.

Some men have this issue because of a deformity within their vas deferens tubes and some men were born without vas deferens. This would count as a blockage even though it is more of an issue of a lack of the proper reproductive equipment to perform conception. Reproductive tract obstruction can also be caused by testicular trauma, injury or past surgical procedures.

The best treatment available for reproductive tract obstruction is microsurgery. Microsurgery is preformed with small equipment that allows for easier cutting and incisions on smaller body parts. With this type of surgery, a medical professional can go into the scrotum and remove the blockage from the tubes which cures the problem with infertility. There are however risks associated with this type of treatment such as cutting the tubes to the point that they cannot be reconstructed. If this were to occur, the doctor could harvest the sperm on the spot so in vitro fertilization could be performed.