Urodynamic is a test that determines the cause of incontinence.  The test includes two separate visits, the first lasting about 15 minutes and the second from 30 to 45 minutes. On the first visit, the patient will need to arrive with a comfortably full bladder.  A urine sample will be taken and the nurse will review instructions on preparation for the second visit.  The actual urodynamic test will be conducted on the second visit.  During this visit, catheters will be inserted to record the pressure in and around the bladder and to allow for measurement of any leaking that may occur during the filling process.  Throughout the test the patient will be asked to describe bladder sensations and to cough as to put pressure on the bladder as to cause a leak.  There are no restrictions after having a urodynamic test.  Upon completion of the test, the results will be evaluated by the physician, who will discuss with the patient the results and discuss treatment options, if necessary.