When an abnormal enlargement of the varicocele, a vein located in the scrotum that serves to drain the testicles, occurs the treating procedure is known as a Varicocelectomy.

The signs that this type of enlargement has taken place include an aching or dragging feeling in the scrotum, a feeling of testicular heaviness, shrinking testicles or a noticeably enlarged vein in the testicles. The cause of this condition is the valves that work with the spermatic cord are not properly working.  Think of this condition as if it were varicose veins as the same principles apply.

There are usually no symptoms present until a point is reached where treatment is necessary. The treatment is Varicocelectomy which serves to correct the problem and is performed on an outpatient basis. As with any surgical procedure there are risks involved, the main one being bleeding. The post-surgery patient may be required to wear a device to support the scrotum for a period of time and there is some pain and swelling during the healing process. However, once a Varicocelectomy is preformed the chances of the problem being solved are good. Not all patients need treatment for this condition but upon examination a medical professional will be able to make that judgment.