One out of eight women will develop breast cancer, and breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. Early detection is the key to achieving high cure rates, and cures can often be achieved by the modern techniques of breast conserving treatment. The American Cancer Society provides guidelines for scheduling a mammogram.

  • Age 35 to 39 Baseline mammogram
  • Age 40 to 49 Mammogram every one to two years
  • Age 50 and over Mammogram every year

MCSO Surgeons are experienced in the comprehensive treatment of breast cancers from detection to biopsy to removal of the cancer. After a thorough review of your history by your surgeon, a physical exam will be performed. Your surgeon will personally review your X-rays. Based on all of the information obtained at your visit, further testing or a biopsy may be recommended. Our surgeons utilize the latest state of the art techniques, such as stereotactic needle biopsy and sentinel node biopsy. If a cancer is detected, your surgeon will see you through the entire process of treatment.